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2020-10-29 · Murder À La Carte: The Murders of Anjette Lyles The Re-Creation of Anjette. Doctors never could determine what was causing Ben Lyles to be so sick, even after he was Lightning Strikes Twice. In May 1955, Anjette began dating Joe Neal Gabbert—known to close friends and family as The Passing of 2018-11-14 · Julia Lyles, Anjette's mother-in-law from her first marriage, moved in with Anjette shortly after the death of her second husband. Anjette appeared to be playing the role of supportive daughter-in-law; however, she was actually poisoning Julia while pressuring her to make a will. In August 1957, Julia became ill. 2019-02-17 · Lyles was born Anjette Donovan in 1925 to a relatively prosperous family.

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Even as a child, she normally got what she wanted. Anjette Lyles Daughter. Anjette’s on Mulberry Street was one of the most popular lunch spots in the 1950s.

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Dec 22, 1999 In the 1950's Anjette Lyles owned and operated a restaurant in downtown. Macon. She was an attractive and friendly young woman who  Dec 4, 2020 to the Black Candle: Voodoo, Murder and the Case of Anjette Lyles, past, especially after being told the story of serial killer Anjette Lyles,  The novel Whisper to the Black Candle tells of Anjette Lyles, a beloved Macon restaurateur who rid herself of four family members with arsenic.

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Anjette lyles

From seasonal festivals to iconic music events and historical  Name: Anjette Lyles. Birth Date: 23 Aug 1925. Birth Place: Macon, Bibb County, Georgia, United States of America. Death Date: 4 Dec 1977. Death Place  Sep 16, 2020 Anjette Lyles Daughter Lyles, Anjette Donovan restaurateur and many murderers, was born in Macon, Georgia. She is the only daughter of  1. NANNIE DOSS'S APPLE AND PRUNE PIE · 2.

Anjette’s shining personality and beautiful face kept the customers coming back.
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Macon's most infamous serial killer was a small-town cook with a big time secret. 61 years ago, a Bibb County jury convicted Anjette Lyles of poisoning her 9-year-old daughter. Jul 13, 2020 - Anjette Lyles and Janie Gibbs were two female serial killers from South Georgia. See more ideas about lyles, serial killers, killer.

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Anjette Lyles was born in Georgia in 1917. Between 1952-1958, she murdered 2 husbands, her mother-in-law and 9-year old daughter by arsenic poisoning all for the insurance money. In 1958, she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. 2021-03-23 · Was Anjette Lyles a serial killer? Resources: Lyles v. The State, Supreme Court of Georgia, (1959) "Anjette Lyles, Restauranteur of Death" by Ciaran Conlittle for, Sept 28, 2017. "Criminal History: Anjette Lyles poisoned 4 family members for money" by Chelsea Beimfohr,