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So many fans have complained about the Stormtroopers’ inability to hit anything, that the officially released reason for the poor aim is … Star Wars if Sta r Wa rs Stormtroopers could fucking aim – popular memes on the site ifunny.co Stormtroopers have incredibly poor aim. It's really no wonder the empire eventually lost. The only reason I can see that they survived as long as they did was their sheer number. On a related note, it might be amusing to write my weblog entries in Yoda-speak for a while. Amusing that would be.

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The first time we are introduced to stormtroopers, they take over starwars.wikia. 2021-01-04 2020-07-11 Clearly, Stormtroopers were wiping out rebels left and right. They got away but it wasn’t pretty. Now there is scant handgun evidence but certainly you can see the AT-ATs doing plenty of damage. They had to aim those, didn’t they? And they pilots are part of the general Stormtrooper hierarchy, aren’t they?

Nicholas C. 12 Out 2017 Why Can't Stormtroopers Aim? Star Wars Explained (Transcrição). 1 – “Take Over….” “Arghhhhh!” “We would be honored, if you would join us”  Bob the Stormtrooper can often be seen in my garden feeding the birds. I put a little pile of peanuts on the lawn, positioned Bob with a peanut in his hand and waited with my camera on a tripod for Does he aim at the Blackbirds and miss?

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In all the other movies, those exact same rebel fighter could have exited cover, had a smoke and make a call back to Yevin 5 placing their dinner order before a troopers aim would be anywhere near them. No here it's pretty realistic.

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If stormtroopers could aim

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2020-09-25 · Stormtroopers have always had bad aim in the Star Wars saga, and Star Wars Rebels provided a reason for that.
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If you believe Stormtroopers are Individuals though, and not Clones, then their height would possibly have an average you could go by Or a minimum requirement possibly even.

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